I desperately need new strings for my acoustic guitar because I can’t pick it up and play it whenever I feel like it and I feel like I’m missing a limb

Why the eff is someone on a Homestuck post I made like a year ago. How do you people find this shit

My transness is so central to my identity but I feel like I have to pretend it Isn’t There for the convenience and comfort of cis people. fuck you

I believe I only have 9-10 more weeks of school though! and then I am free to go out into the world and start having some goddamn fun and earning some goddamn money

Not only do I have to be in college by 9AM (which means getting up before 6:30) on Thursdays now I also have an extra hour in the afternoons on Monday lol kill me

I have college at 9AM tomorrow

Someone from Toronto has been on my blog for like three hours… are you ok. do you need assistance



By David Titlow


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